The Best Version of your Coaching Business - 30 days in Review

I've been busy over here working on making Training Tilt the best version it can be during these uncertain times but also well into the future.

Back at the beginning of the pandemic, for 30 days I created a blog or video to help coaches work toward creating the best version of their Coaching business.

The goal was to cover a bunch of simple and actionable tasks you could work on to help improve and strengthen your own business.

Many of you followed along and thanks for all your encouragement and feedback.

I thought I'd take the time to collate and summarize all of the videos onto one page so you could easily scroll through and watch anything of interest and then click through to the full article if you needed more detail.

I hope these videos have been useful and having them all in one place will make it easier to learn from them and execute the ideas in your business.

The first video is my intro to the series and the rest of the videos follow with a summary, the video and a link to click through to the transcription and full post.

You will need the best version of your coaching business during COVID-19

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The Value Ladder

The value ladder is designed to maximize the revenue fo your business by creating a "ladder" based pricing and value system for your products and services.

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Value Ladder Examples

Following on from the previous post on the value ladder concept this video covers some specific examples of the products and services that fit into the first and middle rungs of the value ladder and also how to practically create them and implement them in Training Tilt so you can start selling them.

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Graphic Design for Coaches

In today's world, as a small business, you can't really afford to hire a graphic designer for all the designs you want to do. You might hire them for a logo and/or initial website design, but after that, it becomes prohibitively expensive for small business because literally you should be creating new designs for all of your Facebook posts, your blogs, your ads, etc. We're creating designs daily. If not daily at least a few a week. So hiring a graphic designer just isn't really feasible cost-wise. So I'm going to show you a tool that we use. It's called Canva.

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Weekly and Daily Planning for Coaches

In this post, I showed you how I plan my weeks and days using Training Tilt as a task management app using the template plans and calendar features

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Improving your Skills

In this post I talk about how being a generalist can be particularly valuable in times of uncertainty and challenges (like a global pandemic)

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Considering Different Types of Customers

The pandemic has changed a lot about how the world works and how people behave and live their lives. In this post I discuss how you might be able to cater your services to different types of people with different challenges and goals than your regular customers.

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New Customer Behaviour Ideas

Following on from my last post I dig into more detail about specific new customer behaviours and how you could adapt to offering new services.

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Avoiding Distraction

How to maintain productivity when the world seems to be in turmoil

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Recording Screen Videos

In post I do a "how to guide" on recording screen videos to demonstrate things to your clients and also create marketing and help videos.

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The Six Human Needs - Understanding your emotions

This is a video I shared on my personal social channels. I needed a break from creating my business videos and I thought it was a good opportunity to share something from a more personal perspective.

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Email Marketing isn't dead it's just different

In this post I discussed the popular misconception that email marketing is dead and how Email Marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies as long as you adapt how you use it.

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A Free Facebook Advertising Course

I had a bit of an issue with my recorded video on this day so instead I shared a link to a free FB advertising course for you.

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How to have more than one link in your Instagram Bio

I did a quick video on how to create a page on your website to use as your Instagram bio link so you could reference more than one link in your Instagram posts

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Landing Pages for coaching products and services

Most coaches make the mistake of promoting their products and services on social or in emails and then sending the potential customer to their website homepage rather than a specific landing page for the specific product or service.

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Captioning your videos

Did you know that up to 70% of people watch videos on their mobile phones with the sound muted? In the video I cover how to caption your videos so those with the sound off can still watch and learn.

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Painkillers, vitamins and candy

In business, products and services typically fall into three categories: painkillers, vitamins and candy. Painkillers solve a problem, vitamins improve something and candy is a treat. Considering your products and services in these terms will help you promote and sell them.

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Structured Workout Builder preview

I took a day off recording tips on this day to show you the work we were doing around our Structured Workout Builder tool.

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More website traffic with calculators

In this post, I talked about how you can get more website traffic by hosting a useful tool that your potential customers could use on their website. In the example, I used the triathlon race calculator that comes with a Training Tilt coaching platform.

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Creating Meal Plans

Lots of people including myself struggled with maintaining their good habits around diet and nutrition in the early days of the pandemic. I discussed offering meal plans as part of your coaching service to help with this problem and how to use the Training Tilt recipe and meal planning features to accomplish it.

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Training Tilt Webpage Builder

In this post, I showed you some tips and tricks for using Training Tilt to create web pages.

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Creating Video Thumbnails

In this post, I showed you how to create thumbnails for your videos to inject a strong brand presence and to make them look professional when shared to social media or on Youtube or Vimeo.

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Taking time to re-energize and have fun

In this post, I took some time off from work and went surfing to re-energize. I discuss how even if you are busy you must prioritize time away from work for the long term benefit of your business and your health

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Distributing swag globally

In this video I showed you the tools we use to globally distribute swag like our Trainign Tilt caps to customers all over the world without having to ever handle the stock ourselves.

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Time to get moving

In this post I suggested a bit of a check-in with yourself to see whether it might be time to take a little more action rather than just waiting to see what else would happen as part of the pandemic.

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Professional Fun Blog and Article Banners

In this post I showed you how to create professional images to use in your articles and blogs to keep a consistent look and feel across your content and your website.

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Google Search Insights

I show you how to use a Google tool to discover what people are looking for on Google and what different trends might be surfacing around endurance sports because of COVID-19

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Setting Up Google Search Console

In this video, I walk you through how to get your Google Search Console setup so you can start monitoring the performance of your website and pages inside Google Search.

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Disagree and Commit

In business, it's easy to make the mistake of thinking that coming to a consensus or agreeing on a way forward is a good thing. But sometimes you won't agree but you should still make a decision one way or another to keep moving forward.

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No such thing as Multitasking

It's easy to think that trying to do more than one thing at once will mean you'll get more done in a day, but actually you won't. In this video I explain why you shouldn't try and multitask.

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I really hope you enjoyed this series of videos and that it made a difference to your business during this challenging time. If you have any questions or need any help with anything specific please email me at or use the chatbox on the website.

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