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TrainingPeaks vs Training Tilt: A Coaching Business Focus 

TrainingPeaks is a fantastic platform for building training plans and analyzing athlete data, but coaching businesses also need to tools to handle, payments, communications, and client information gathering. Training Tilt is the only all-in-one coaching platform built for triathlon, running and endurance coaching businesses.

TrainingPeaks offer free and paid options directly to athletes alongside their Coach Edition. At Training Tilt we wanted to focus solely on coaches to help them with both their coaching and their businesses. We don't offer any services directly to athletes. A coach can subscribe to our service and then invite their athletes to use their own customized, branded platform as part of their service.

In Training Tilt Athlete accounts are controlled by the coaching business and athletes cannot switch between different coaching business taking all of your valuable planning data with them. You as the coach can keep tighter control of your intellectual property so it does not end up in the hands of your competitors. We believe athletes should own the actual completed data from their devices but the coach should own the planning data.

Running a coaching business is so much more than just creating training plans and analyzing training data so Training Peaks, although a great software platform only caters for a very small part of a coaching businesses technology requirements.

How are we different to Training Peaks?

Business toolkit for coaches

There is a lot more to coaching than training plans and exercise data. TrainingPeaks is a great science-based product for athletes and coaches in terms of training plans and exercise data analysis.

Coaching businesses need specific tools to help them with communications, e-commerce and day to day admin.

We built Training Tilt as a "Coaching business toolkit" that just happens to have training plan and workout tools in it's feature set. Training Tilt also comes with a fully content manageable website, an online store and client payments, social features and customer relationship management (CRM).

Online Payments

Custom branding

To build a truly successful business you need to build a premium brand and maintain that across the services you provide. With TrainingPeaks, it's the TP brand that the athlete is predominantly exposed to. There are some token branding options but are restricted to a single header across the athletes training schedule.

With Training Tilt your entire web platform is fully customizable to your brand and color scheme. Mobile apps and template training plans are also skinned to match your hard-earned brand. Don't settle for someone else's branding when you can have your own.

Events Calendar

We keep it simple

There is a lot of complexity in Training Peaks which is good if you want to delve into every aspect of your workout including the weight of your bike or what shoes you were wearing. However, in many cases, complexity leads to confusion.

The knowledge required to correctly analyze the vast amounts of data and charts linked to an athlete account in TrainingPeaks correctly is huge. And regardless of that fact, many coaches and athletes don't value the hard data as much as how the athlete "feels" during and after a training session.

The Training Tilt software offers a comprehensive set of structured training and coaching tools to create and and manage workouts planned and completed without drowning the coach in for what many consider uneccessary complexity. Coaches will have access to view time, distance, power, heartrate and pace data and be able to track planned versus completed activities. Athletes can upload data from their devices and sync using our Strava autosyn service.

Online Payments

Keep more of your training plan sales revenue

TrainingPeaks takes around a third of any Training Plan sales that coaches make using the TrainingPeaks training plan marketplace. This is exponentially higher than similar marketplace services across other industries which commonly take between 3-10% commission.

We don't think that is fair for coaches. At Training Tilt we take a small fee of between 0.5% and 2% of transactions process through our coaches online stores and payments features.

Training Tilt Works with

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