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Many coaches make the mistake of promoting specific products and services on social or in advertising and then sending their potential customers to the Home Page of their website. The customer then has to figure out for themselves how to navigate to the products or services being advertised.

Website Home Pages are designed as a general introduction to a business. If you are promoting specific products and services then you should create a separate Landing Page for that specific promotion.

People are busy and their attention is valuable.  You should make it as easy as possible for them to find what they need.

Watch the video on how to create a Landing Page.

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What are Landing Pages?

Many coaches make the mistake of directing people to their Home Page when promoting their products and services on social media or in advertisements. 

Home Pages are intended to provide a general overview of the business and the different products and services. When you send visitors to your Home Page, you're expecting them to navigate their way around. 

When you are promoting a specific product or service, you should create a Landing Page on your website and direct your visitors to that page, specifically. That way, the visitor is taken directly to the information, without distraction or effort required to navigate there on their part.

With all of the information online distracting your potential customers, you need to make it easy for them.

Creating a Landing Page in Training Tilt

You can create a Landing Page on any website platform.  I will show you how you can do it on a Training Tilt site by setting up a Landing Page for a very specific product, a training plan called "How to train for your first ironman".

Setting up the Landing Page

After logging into Training Tilt from the Public Page, go to the Platform Settings page and scroll down to 'Add a new page".

Be specific when naming the page to get better search results.  eg "How to train for your first ironman".

To assist with search engine optimization, add additional descriptors in the SEO Meta Description dropdown eg  "Learn the specific skills, tips, and tricks to train for and complete in your first Ironman triathlon.'

Don't show the Landing Page in the Main Menu as it may be a temporary page and you should avoid crowding the Main Menu. The Landing Page should be shown in your Footer Menu and link back to your own page from your Home Page for search engine optimization.

Click "Save" once created, then the "Open Page" link should appear.  Click on the "Open Page"  link to configure your Landing Page.

Customizing the Landing Page

Once you've clicked on the "Open Page" link, the first thing you should do is create a Banner across the top of the page.

Creating the Banner

Go to the top left and select "Configure this page".

Use the title and description that you created as the Banner, as text. A banner always works best if it's wider than it is tall. For example,  1200 x 600.

Use the design tool Canvas to select a background photo for the Banner.  See my previous blog about graphic design and other marketing tips 

You can modify the transparency of the photograph before selecting it, tinting it with your own brand colors. Once you've got the desired appearance, name the image and download it.

I recommend downloading the image using jpeg because it's a smaller file and will download faster without compromising image quality. Now upload that image you downloaded to your Banner Page Configuration.

Finally, give it a title. In this case, I'm using 'Training for your first Ironman.' Add a caption as well.  I will use 'Learn the skills, tips, and tricks required to complete and compete in your first Ironman triathlon.'

You can also have a button link on the Banner. For this, I want to point people to the Membership Plan which is the product and service I am selling. To do this,  I will take part of the URL and paste it as the button link URL. 

Now, save and reload the page to see your Banner. 

Distraction-free Landing Page

Once they arrive on the Landing page, visitors can get distracted by  Menu items and click away from the Landing Page, distracting them from your promotion.  In order to keep the visitor focussed on the Landing Page and the item you are selling, you should remove the distraction of the Menu appearing at the top of the Landing Page.

You can configure the Landing Page to hide the navigation in both the Menu at the top and the Footer, leaving the logo intact to click back to the Home Page.

Adding content to a Landing Page

I've posted on Content in past blogs, so I won't go into detail about it here except to reiterate that when adding Content to your Landing Page, focus on the visitor's problems or goals.  Then, explain how you are qualified to help them with this. Finally, add a Call to Action like 'Sign up here.'

To add Content on your Landing Page, click 'Edit Content'.

Using the Current Editor, delete the placeholder text to finish with a clear page, free of text. For your convenience, Training Tilt has a template for a Landing Page called 'Landing Page Template'. Either select this template or go to the Page Builder and build your own Landing Page.

If you need help creating a Landing Page, google something like 'high converting landing pages'. There are thousands of articles to help you with your copy, headings and text.

Remember to save.

Using the Page Builder to make changes

Now you can use the Page Builder to make changes to the page such as directing visitors to the sign-up page for the membership plan, changing texts and adding testimonials.

Then save and reload this page to take you back to the finished Landing Page. 

Remember to use the URL link to the Landing Page not the Home Page of your website. 

That's the tip for the day. Landing Pages for specific products and services. I hope that helps and I'll see you again tomorrow.

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