Weekly and Daily Planing for Endurance Coaches

Day 4 of creating the best version of your endurance coaching business is about weekly and daily planning to make sure the important things you need to do in your business are scheduled on day and time each week.

In my own business if I don't schedule these important tasks ahead of time they inevitably never get done.

I've tried a few different ways to do this from a notebook, todo list apps and now I'm actually using my own software Training Tilt.

I've transcribed the video below but it's best watched and listened to.

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Hi there. Welcome to day four of the best version of your endurance coaching business. So today I'm going to talk about weekly and daily planning.

The Importance of Planning Ahead

So I've had this problem in the past where if I don't plan my weeks and my days, the high priority stuff often slips off and doesn't get done because I haven't scheduled a specific time or day to work on it, and other things come up and it just keeps getting bumped. So now, I do daily and weekly planning. I've done this in sort of a few different ways and I shift it around a bit just to keep it fresh.

Ways to Plan

Sometimes I will use a notebook and just write down a page for each day. I'd write down what I need to do and how much time I need to spend on it.

Then other times I've used a to-do list app. But at the moment I'm actually using Training Tilt for this. It's actually working a lot better than anything else just because of the nature of the scheduling tool.

Training Tilt Scheduling

So I will show you how I use Training Tilt for this. Since it's Monday, I'm going to plan my week and I'll just show you briefly how I do it because it'll be different for everyone.

The first thing I do is I use the custom workout types. I create custom workout types are all the different types of the tasks that I'll be doing. So we've got content marketing, customer development, customer feedback, customer support, feature development, marketing automation meetings -- just everything of the different type of tasks that you might do in your business. I've got those here as custom workout types. Now I've got a template plan in Training Tilt, which is just one full week.

So in a normal week, this plan is actually the things that I'll be working on in a normal week. And these are mostly just placeholders for the types of work that I'll be doing. So you can see there's a lot of stuff on each day, and it works out just over 40 hours a week. I've also got stuff on the weekend as well. Since I do a little bit of stuff on the weekend -- not that much -- all of the items are in here. So I just use this as a template.

Tweaking or Detailing Your Schedule

Each week, if I think it needs tweaking or something hasn't worked for the week, then I'll change it in the template. Then I'll apply it to my week for the following week.

So, every Monday morning, I just come and open this plan up. I'll choose my account here, and I just apply that to Monday. Again, this is just a one week plan. I'll just scroll down here, and now we've got the week here. So then, on a Monday, I'll go through the entire week and I will look at things -- like things that need some specifics put in.

So I've got times where I do some software development. As an example, let's open that up. I'll put in what feature I'm going to be working on. So this will be like pricing plans. The details of that task will be what I want, which is to achieve new pricing plans into the test environment. The add-in the time there. So, I'll spend two hours doing that and that will be the specifics and that will be my goal for it and then just save that. And then, as I go through the day, I will just do repeat the process for these tasks I've scheduled.

Completing a Task

So, this is the first one here -- checking emails and customer support. I've actually already done that today, so I'll mark that is complete.

The next one is the week two planning, which is what I'm doing now. So when I've done that, I will mark that is complete, too. Then I'll just get through the whole day marking those things as complete as I finish them. So, the goal is to get as much green as I can.

And then so that's on Monday and then on each day.

Daily Planning

I've got it this daily planning as well. So I'll go through this each day because things change a lot during the week. I'll go in and change things specifically and be a little bit more specific than I was with my weekly planning as well. I might move things around to different days if I need to if things come up.

Anyway, you don't need to use Training Tilt for your daily and weekly planning, but hopefully, that just gives you an idea of what you can do to make sure that the high priority things -- the things you need to do each day and week are scheduled in. At least you have something visible to know if you've missed something or if things aren't working. But hopefully, you do, actually, achieve those things you need to in your business.

Anyway, thanks for watching and I'll see you again tomorrow.

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