Coach Spotlight - Paulina Vazquez from Equipo Yaocalli

Paulina and her coaching partner launched their business at the same time as the COVID-19 chaos started to take hold. Not the ideal start to a business but they did not get discouraged by such a challenging and difficult situation

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Coach Spotlight - Peter Richards from TNB Coaching

Chance favours the prepared mind and body. Coach Spotlight is our special series where we feature one of the coaches around the world that makes Training Tilt possible. Today we have Peter Richards from TNB Coaching.

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Coach Spotlight - Tony Troccoli from Coach Tony

My ideal client is one who is a student of the sport and seeks to learn. Coaching involves teaching. Working with clients who apply teachings and see results is rewarding to both the teacher and the student.

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Coach Spotlight - Brad Dixon from Everfit

Today we feature Brad Dixon from Everfit. Brad's coaching philosophy is built around expansive wellness - daily habits that improve performance, blend in with authentic roles in life and address our planet's health.

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A V-Shaped Economic Recovery for Coaches

What should you expect for your coaching business once the pandemic is under control and the economy starts to recover? Many economists are predicting a v-shaped economy. What is it and how will it impact coaches?

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Coach Spotlight - Karen Parnell from ChiliTri

I now live in Southern Spain and coach face to face, local athletes, on camps and virtually on Training Tilt. I get to coach wonderful athletes at all levels and ages from all over & no two days are the same.

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Surfing is like Business

I've been re-learning to surf this year and while I'm out there I can't help but make the comparison between the joys and challenges of surfing and those of running a business.

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