Meeting Booking App - Lifetime Deal

Quite often, coaches ask me whether we have a tool that enables one-on-one scheduling if you want to do a one-on-one session with an athlete or calendar bookings. Here is one I've been testing.

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5 stages of customer awareness

Did you know there is an established marketing theory identifying five distinct stages of customer awareness? When you think about it, its obvious.

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Poland, World Champs, Altitude, Training Break

Feels like a whole season in one go. And a pretty satisfying one. I reached my fittest pinnacle to date, concurrently fastest in all 3, loved the culture, thrived in the ‘thin air’ and squad environment and scored a top10 at a World Championship event.

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Coaching Vs Training Plans

I was talking to a coach the other day who was considering that if they offered training plans and online memberships alongside with their one-on-one coaching, they might lose some of their one-on-one coaching clients

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Why you Should Recycle Content on Social

Today I got a couple of messages saying that someone really liked my video that I put on Facebook. Then I thought, Oh, I haven’t created a new video this week. Then I realized it’s because I’ve been recycling my content.

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