Creating Blog Posts with an AI Assistant

Today we're going to dive deeper into how artificial intelligence (AI) can be a game-changer for creating content in endurance coaching. This blog post is a continuation from last week, where we worked with an AI assistant, Chat GPT, and brainstormed a whole bunch of content ideas.

A good objective for marketing, as endurance coaches, is to connect with potential customers by offering them valuable content online. This not only makes us more known in our field, but it also helps to establish trust. The cool thing about AI is that it can help us generate a ton of ideas that will resonate with our target audience in our example — middle-aged men looking to get back into the world of fitness.

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In our last blog post, we narrowed down the ideas to focus on the unique journey of middle-aged men who are looking to transition into a healthier lifestyle, with running as their chosen activity. From topics like "Unveiling the Health Risks of Inactivity in Middle Age" to "Turning Regrets into Motivation," we ended up with 40 solid content ideas thanks to Chat GPT.

40 Content Ideas ChatGPT

Writing out an entire blog post just from an idea can feel a bit daunting, but that's where AI really shines. For this blog, we picked "Returning to Fitness after a Break: Detailing Safe and Effective Methods for Middle-aged Men." It's a topic we think will hit home with our audience.


Interacting with Chat GPT feels like having a chat with a colleague or team member. After picking our topic, Chat GPT whipped up an initial outline for our blog post. It suggested useful headings like "Understanding the Impact of Fitness Break" and "Creating a Safe and Effective Fitness Plan."

ChatGPT Outline

Now we don’t want to just use this verbatim as we’ll end up with a generic blog that doesn’t reflect our own tone, principles and ideas. So we went back and forth with Chat GPT, refining the content to make it more personalized and relevant. We even added a section on the benefits of hiring a professional coach, which can be a crucial decision for someone stepping into a major lifestyle change.

Refining Content ChatGPT

Remember, this process isn't just about taking what the AI gives you and pasting it straight into your blog. It's about collaborating with the AI, honing the language, and adjusting the tone until it sounds like something you'd say. In the end, the AI becomes a tool that speeds up your writing process, allowing you to focus more on injecting your own personality and expert insights into the content.

AI Tool

I liked the way this was going but the tone isn’t how I write or how I talk so I asked for some adjustments.


You get the idea, go back and forth until it’s close to how you want it. Then copy it to something like Notion or Google docs and add your own personalization and final editing.

A warning, always make sure to review the final output. While the AI is smart, it isn't an expert in endurance coaching – that's your job. So, make sure to weed out any inaccuracies and refine the tone to make the piece truly yours.

Thanks for reading! We're excited to see how AI can help shape the future of content creation in endurance coaching. And remember, at Training Tilt, we've got everything you need to build, grow, and scale your endurance coaching business online.

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