The 6 Figure Endurance Coaching Business Framework

To build a successful endurance coaching business that grows over time, it's essential to adopt a framework that prevents you from hitting a glass ceiling in revenue growth. Many coaches work tirelessly for years without ever breaking through this barrier due to an unscalable business model.

This blog isn't about how to get to six figures with a bunch of "quick and easy" hacks, because regardless of what you read online that just isn't possible and no such hacks exist.

Rather in this post we present a framework comprising three key products that could represent the first $100k in revenue and ensure long-term growth: One-on-One Customized Coaching, Group Coaching Programs, and Evergreen Coaching Programs.

I know many of you consume more podcasts that read blogs so if you are like me here's the audio version so you can listen, but for this episode specifically it's definitely worth a read as well so you can see all of the figures and also have a play with the calculator to plug in your own numbers.

I was inspired by Jill Coleman who is an entrepreneur and fitness business coach. She did a great podcast episode where she outlined the themes in the post for a health and fitness business. I’ve borrowed her ideas and applied them specifically to endurance coaching businesses. If you are looking for another source of business advice then please follow Jill. Her content is more for more general fitness and wellness businesses but much can be applied to endurance coaching businesses as well.

By implementing this framework, you'll not only cater to a diverse range of clients and their varying needs but also create a scalable and profitable coaching business that can grow without the typical limitations of a services only business.

Why am I using $100k as the revenue number?

For two reasons really. Firstly it’s a nice round number and secondly hitting 6 figures in your business is a significant milestone towards building a long term sustainable business. Don’t get caught up too much by that number, your business may be above or below that number currently but it’s the ability to continue to grow that’s important with this framework.

The framework I’m outlining isn’t an exact science and will depend on a number of variables that are specific to you as a coach, your business and your ideal clients. The framework is just a starting point for you understand the importance of developing a scalable business model so you don’t get stuck under a revenue ceiling due to unscalable products and services.

The first part of the blog will step through each of the product types with some basic guidelines around how they work. The second part we will cover in more detail how each of these products revenue would make up your overall total revenue and how that would progress over the next five years.

Make sure to check out the tables and graphs and to use the calculator to play with the numbers.

Let’s dive into the three main types of products in the framework.

Note: The framework below applies to any coaching business regardless of what tools you use but here at Training Tilt we’ve built the only all in-one platform that allows coaches to build and deliver all of the products and services mentioned in one place.

One-on-One Customized Coaching

As an endurance coach, you're likely already an expert at one-on-one coaching. This personalized service helps you build trust and credibility with your clients, kicking of the process of becoming "known, liked, and trusted."

Successfully coaching a core group of one-on-one clients is essential before introducing other products. Coaches who try to skip this step and jump straight into more scalable products and services are less likely to be successful.

However, one-on-one coaching has its limitations when it comes to scalability. It's possible to reach $100k in revenue, but going much beyond that becomes challenging due to time constraints and the finite number of clients you can effectively serve before the quality of service inevitably deteriorates.

It varies but from talking with hundreds of coaches over the last 10 years things start to break down somewhere around the 30 client region. This is why it's crucial to diversify your product offerings if you want to continue to grow you business once you reach saturation point for customized coaching services.

You can use Training Tilt to plan and analyze training data for your one-on-one coaching clients.

Group Coaching Programs

Group coaching programs provide a more scalable option with greater potential for growth. These programs can run at set dates and a good starting point is to run them 3-4 times a year. Your group programs should cater to clients with similar goals or experience levels and be very specific. As your business grows and you build a strong reputation through your one-on-one coaching, group coaching should become an increasingly larger percentage of your revenue. Because there is no one-on-one aspect of this coaching each new client does not take up more of your time and adds very little to your expenses. The more clients you get, the more profitable this model becomes.

To create successful group coaching programs:

  • Determine the target audience and program focus, such as beginner runners, triathletes, or ultra-endurance athletes.
  • Develop a structured, progressive training plan that accommodates the needs of the group.
  • Offer regular group check-ins and interactive sessions to foster a sense of community and support.
  • Provide supplemental resources, such as nutrition guides, workout videos, and mental skills training materials.

We’ve built features inside Training Tilt to make it quick and easy to deliver group coaching programs, you can read my post on that which covers group coaching in more detail here.

Evergreen Coaching Programs

Evergreen coaching programs or memberships consist of courses, self-service training plans, and tools that clients can access at any time. These programs are ideal for attracting new clients, serving as a product onramp or off-ramp for your one-on-one coaching clients, and also for clients in between your group coaching cohorts.

Basically it’s a place for your clients to go when they don’t need or want one one one coaching or when they are in between your group coaching cohorts.

It’s also a great place for clients new to endurance training to find their feet. Many clients need to build up a bit of confidence before they join a group program or commit to personalized coaching. Evergreen coaching programs are the perfect affordable place for these clients to get started with your coaching business.

Like the group coaching programs because there is no one-on-one aspect of this coaching each new client does not take up more of your time and adds very little to your expenses. The more clients you get, the more profitable this model becomes.

To develop evergreen coaching programs:

  • Create a variety of self-paced courses covering topics such as running form, nutrition for endurance athletes, or mental training techniques.
  • Offer a range of self-service training plans for different experience levels and race distances.
  • Develop tools and resources to help clients track their progress and stay motivated.

It’s easy to setup evergreen coaching memberships in Training Tilt with options for recurring and one off fixed length access payments.

Revenue Growth and Breakdown over Time

Now we have the basic idea of what products we can offer let’s look at modelling out some numbers. The following progression illustrates how your total revenue and product split could evolve over time. Keep in mind that these are just examples, and the actual growth and split may vary based on your specific coaching business, how much you invest in sales marketing, your goals and hundreds of other factors. These are just scenarios to help you think about the products that are scalable vs those that are not scalable over time.

Year 1 Revenue Breakdown:

  • Total Revenue: $100,000
  • One-on-One Customized Coaching: 60% ($60,000)
  • Group Coaching Programs: 25% ($25,000)
  • Evergreen Coaching Programs: 15% ($15,000)

Year 2 Revenue Breakdown:

  • Total Revenue: $130,000
  • One-on-One Customized Coaching: 45% ($60,000)
  • Group Coaching Programs: 30% ($40,000)
  • Evergreen Coaching Programs: 25% ($30,000)

Year 3 Revenue Breakdown:

  • Total Revenue: $160,000
  • One-on-One Customized Coaching: 30% ($50,000)
  • Group Coaching Programs: 40% ($65,000)
  • Evergreen Coaching Programs: 30% ($45,000)

Year 4 Revenue Breakdown:

  • Total Revenue: $180,000
  • One-on-One Customized Coaching: 27% ($50,000)
  • Group Coaching Programs: 42% ($75,000)
  • Evergreen Coaching Programs: 31% ($55,000)

Year 5 Revenue Breakdown:

  • Total Revenue: $200,000
  • One-on-One Customized Coaching: 24% ($50,000)
  • Group Coaching Programs: 43% ($85,000)
  • Evergreen Coaching Programs: 33% ($65,000)

Table View

Year Total Revenue One-on-One Coaching Group Programs Evergreen Programs
Year 1 $100,000 60% ($60,000) 25% ($25,000) 15% ($15,000)
Year 2 $130,000 45% ($60,000) 30% ($40,000) 25% ($30,000)
Year 3 $160,000 30% ($50,000) 40% ($65,000) 30% ($45,000)
Year 4 $180,000 27% ($50,000) 42% ($75,000) 31% ($55,000)
Year 5 $200,000 24% ($50,000) 43% ($85,000) 33% ($65,000)

Endurance Coaching 5 Year Revenue Growth Chart

Here’s the same data shown in a chart over a five year period. It shows the three different product revenue streams alongside the total annual revenue in blue. You can see the progression over time as the more scalable products become a larger percentage of the overall revenue. It’s these two scalable products that allow the total revenue to continue to grow over time.

Endurance Coaching Annual Revenue Calculator

Use this calculator to play with the numbers to find the best product mix and prices for your business to reach your revenue goals.


To build a successful endurance coaching business that reaches $100k in revenue but then continues to grow, focus on offering a mix of one-on-one customized coaching, group coaching programs, and evergreen coaching programs. By doing so, you'll cater to a diverse range of clients, establish yourself as an expert in your field, and create a scalable, profitable business. Remember, your one-on-one coaching success is the foundation that will enable your other products to thrive as you expand your offerings and grow your revenue over time but you can’t solely rely on one-on-one coaching if you want to business to grow over time.

Here at Training Tilt we have all the tools you need to build, plan and deliver the three types of coaching products including the ability to accept online payments.

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