Captioning your videos

Did you know that 70% of people watch videos on their mobile phones with the sound muted? This means that unless you caption your videos, most people who watch them are not consuming your content.

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Landing Pages

Home Pages are designed to be a general introduction to a business. If you are promoting specific products and services then you should create a Landing Page and direct visitors here.

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A FREE Facebook Advertising course

Whoops, today's planned video was a fail so I'll have to re-record it. In the meantime, I've hooked you up with a free FB ads course that's normally $199

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Screen Videos for Endurance Coaches

screen videos are a great tool for coaches to share and prove their expertise in their marketing but also for producing professional feedback for their clients.

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Avoiding distraction during COVID 19

Today, I wanted to talk about distraction. In terms of your business, distraction, Not in general terms, but distraction with everything that's going on in the moment with covid-19

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New Customer Behaviour New Ideas

During these times of change and uncertainty, to keep your business going, you probably want to think about how people are changing their behaviors and how you might need to change your business. Think outside of the box to adapt to those changes as well.

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Consider Different Types of Customers

I wanted to talk about thinking outside the box during these challenging times and possibly thinking about adjusting your products and services to cater to a different or broader set of customers.

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