Estimated Future Load Scoring

We've released some new features around future load scoring by automatically estimated load when building structured workouts. You can also manually add effort and intensity factors for both structured and non structured workouts.

This means you can now predict performance metrics like fatigue, form and fitness into the future.


The small print: for now existing workouts won't have any estimated load values set but we are currently working on a migration tool that will calculate the values for existing workouts in your workout library. For now you will need to open an existing workout and save it again for the estimates to be applied. Load estimates have only been implemented for the new structured workout builder not the old workout builder.

To estimate the load for a workout open a workout from your library or create a new workout and use the new workout builder button.

For existing workouts you can now just save the workout and it will save the estimated values. For new workouts the values will recalculate each time you add or edit an interval for the workout.


As you configure each interval the values that the interval is contributing to the overall load scoring will also be visible.


You can manually alter the effort scores inside the workout builder if you'd prefer


For non structured workouts you can also just manually edit the values inside the detail tab of the workout itself.


Now once a clients calendar has the estimated effort scores you will also see the daily and weekly estimates vs the actual values on the calendar.



Once you have prescribed workouts with load estimates onto a clients calendar you can now also see the performance management chart values plotted into the future if you select future dates on the performance dashboard.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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