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Here's what's new for coaches at Training Tilt

We've released a lot of features and improvements since our last update. Thanks to all our coaches who have contributed to the roadmap and the development of our platform so far. We've come a long way since our basic website builder and training plan builder in 2014. You can follow along with road map and progress here in our roadmap and feedback tool.

A few more details below but here is a quick list of improvements

  1. New more flexible Structured Workout Builder (multiple targets)
  2. Target Preferences for multi-target (HR, Pace, Power) workouts.
  3. Performance Insights available for Clients
  4. Activity Search available for Clients
  5. Manually edit Effort Scores (TSS and IF)
  6. Bulk download of workouts for Zwift/Fulgaz etc
  7. Polar completed workout direct sync
  8. Duplicate a recipe
  9. Zoom and Pan detailed analytics
  10. Quickly add/send notes
  11.  Faster and easier workout comments

New Beta Structured Workout Builder

We've released a new Beta workout builder that gives more flexibility in prescribing structured workouts.

The main advantages of the new workout builder is being able to prescribe multiple target types within the same intervals. For example you can prescribe both power and heart rate targets for each interval. This means you no longer have to create multiple versions of a workout to support athletes who do not necessarily have the correct devices. For example all intervals could have prescribed power, heart rate, pace and RPE so even if athletes do not have a power meter, HR monitor or even a GPS watch can still perform the workout using the target of their choice.

Read more about how that works here

New Features

Multiple Target Types

You can now prescribe multiple target types to individual intervals.

Multiple Target Types

Mixed Target Types

Given the above is now possible, you can also now specify mixed target types across intervals. In the legacy workout builder all intervals had to be the same target type, all power, or all HR etc. Now you can have some intervals with power, some with HR, some with Pace and some with RPE

Mixed Target Types

Adding New Intervals

When you add a new interval you now have more options to choose from for presets for the new interval, this will save time as cuts down on a few steps.

Adding New Intervals

Automatically Add RPE

Any athlete, regardless of what devices they are using can execute a workout if RPE is prescribed. You can set RPE manually on intervals or you can switch this on so a default RPE is added to all new intervals you add to the workout.

File Download Compatibility

As you modify the workout you will be able to see how you changes effect the file download compatibility.

File Download Compatibility

Structured Workout Target Preferences

With the release of our new Structured Workout Builder you can now prescribe more than one target type for each interval (Power, HR, Pace, RPE) which means you don't have to create separate workouts for athletes who may not have access to power or HR etc. 

To support this extra flexibility with our integrations with external platforms like Garmin we have created a new settings page for athletes to setup their "Target Preferences" this will allow athletes or their coaches to prioritize which targets to use from an interval if multiple have been prescribed.

Structured Workout Target Preferences

Performance Insights Now Available for Athletes

Athletes now have access to the new Performance Insights Dashboard from their main menu. This feature was previously only available for coaches.

Performance Insights

Activity Search Now Available For Athletes

Athletes now have access to the new Activity Search from their main menu. This feature was previously only available for coaches.

Read more about the details here

Activity Search

Manually Edit Effort Scores

Coaches and Athletes can now manually edit effort scores for completed workouts. This is useful if workouts were manually created without device data or if for some reason effort scores were incorrectly calculated.

Read more about how that works here

Edit Effort Scores

Bulk Download Workout Files for Zwift, Fulgaz etc

While we continue to work towards our automated Zwift integration we've just a released a feature to make it easy for athletes to download their Zwift files. 

Clients can now bulk download files from one place.

Read more about how that works here

Bulk Download

Direct Polar Flow Completed Workout Sync

Athletes with Polar devices can now sync completed workouts directly with their Polar Flow account. Previously Polar users had to go indirectly via our Strava Integration.

Direct Polar

Quickly Duplicate a Recipe

You can now save time by making a copy of an existing recipe. Great for creating different variations for similar recipes without having to start from scratch.

Read more about how that works here


Zoom and Pan Workout Analytics

Inside our workout insights feature zooming and/or panning a chart will now keep all the charts in sync to the same region and a row will appear above the charts summarizing the data that is zoomed in on.

For example if you zoom the HR chart, then the power, pace, elevation, cadence, temperature and combined chart will all sync to the same zoom level

Additionally, a row will appear where the laps normally are that will show you the metrics associated with just the section you are zoomed in on.

Read more about how that works here

Zoom Chart

The row will show the zoom level in terms of start and end times within the workout

Zoom Level

Zoom Level2

New! Quickly add Notes/Messages

You can now quickly add a new note about a client from some new places in your coaching platform. Previously to add a note you had to go to the dashboard page, then the notes tab.

You can send note by clicking the client profile

Client Profile

After minimizing the note will minimize to the bottom of the screen. You can also drag the minimized dialog around the screen.

Minimize Notes

Faster and Easier Workout Comments

We've released some new features that should make the coaching workflow much faster and easier in terms of creating and replying to workout comments for coaches and athletes. 

There are a few parts to this feature, the first is that coaches and athletes can now leave feedback from the new beta analysis view for a specific workout. 

The second part is that feedback and comments are now visible in the new "Activity Search" screens for both athletes and coaches. 

Read more about how that works here

Feedback From Activity Search Screen


Clicking on either the Feel Score Icon or the message icons will popup a feedback window, where you can add Feel Score, Actual RPE or read and leave comments.

Feel Score Icon

Leave Feedback on New Workout Analysis

You can also now leave feedback on the new workout analysis view.


You can leave Feel Scores and Actual RPE as well as leaving and replying to comments.

Feel Scores

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