The Timid Coach Goes Unnoticed

As a coach in the modern era you’ve likely thought about being more public in sharing your coaching perspective, but felt hesitant about the attention and potential criticism that comes with it? You're not alone in this. But…

"The best the timid can hope for is to go unnoticed."

For me this quote really resonates.

When I started my business, the idea of sharing things publicly was terrifying, and I still struggle with it. But here's the thing: facing that fear and taking the risk of being public has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. It's a continual journey, but one that's immensely rewarding.

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The Cost of Timidity

Staying under the radar feels safe, but in the world of endurance coaching and modern media, playing it safe often means missed opportunities. It's like running the same familiar trail every day and never discovering new paths that could challenge and improve your skills. There are many talented coaches with incredible insights who keep their knowledge to themselves, remaining behind the scenes.

By not sharing their expertise more broadly, they not only limit their own growth but also deprive athletes of potentially game-changing guidance.

Embracing Visibility

So, what happens when we decide to step out of our comfort zone? Imagine putting yourself out there, sharing your unique coaching philosophy and experiences. It's not just about getting likes or followers; it's about making real connections, impacting others, and growing your business.

Being visible leads to opportunities – collaborations, speaking engagements, and a growing community of athletes who resonate with your approach.

The Role of Criticism in Growth

Stepping into the spotlight, you're bound to hear voices – and not all of them will sing your praises. It's like being in the heart of a sports game. You're on the field, executing plays with all your skill and knowledge, while the crowd, many of whom have never played at your level, shout their opinions. This is the reality of being more visible.

But  the aim isn't to win over every single spectator. Trying to please everyone is a surefire way to dilute your unique voice and blend into the background. It's about striking a balance – acknowledging the noise, but not letting it drown out your own coaching philosophy. It's your distinct style and approach that will make you stand out, not the ability to appease every critic. Stay true to your style, and that's what will make people sit up and take notice.

The only people who are never criticized are those that never enter the arena.

Strategies to Overcome the Fear

How do you start? Like training for a marathon – start small and build up. Share a training tip, post a success story, or just your thoughts on coaching. And when it comes to criticism, remember it's part of the environment. Not every shout from the stands requires your attention. Focus on your game, your way.

Your voice, your insights, they matter. You'll face criticism, but you'll also inspire, connect, and grow.

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