The Subscription Economy - Why You Should be Part of it

I just heard on the radio that a new Subscription based flower delivery service has been launched here in Auckland where you pay a monthly fee and get fresh flowers delivered to your door.

This is just another example of the growing subscription economy. Subscription based products are those which you pay to use a product or service without needing to manage or pay directly for individual products. Typically you would pay a fixed monthly amount and the product or service is either delivered physically or digitally automatically.

Historically the subscription based model was only used for a very small group of product types like fitness clubs and magazines and newspapers but in recent years has exploded out and has changed the landscape of a lot of new industries.

Here's some examples of other successful product types that have implemented the subscriptions model in a way which has flipped industries on their head.

Why have companies embracing the subscription model been so successful in these industries.

  1. Customer Experience

    It's much easier for customers to setup the subscription once and then just get delivered their products or login to a service when ever they want to. The don't need to remember to go out and buy the products they want and the don't need to spend the time doing so.

  2. Purchase Decisions

    Each time a customer buys one of your traditional products or services they need to consciously make the decision to purchase. Influencing purchasing decisions is hard. As a business you need to work hard to influence each of those individual purchase decisions. Typically with the subscription model you only need to influence the purchase decision initially and then the payments happen automatically. From then on the decision making process is reversed so the customer then needs to make the decision to no-longer purchase. As long as you are providing a great service and adding value then the customer won't have a reason to make that decision.

  3. Creating Loyalty and Community

    With a subscription based model your customers become part of your community. They become "members" not just customers. You can add value by offering additional benefits of being a member through both technology and clever marketing. This can build a huge amount of customer loyalty over time. The more of a sense of community and loyalty you build the longer customers will stay with you and the more likely they will be to refer their friends.

  4. Recurring Revenue

    Because your revenue is recurring it is easier to predict over time and therefore easier to plan for budgeting. it is also less effected by seasonal changes especially if your products or services can be delivered globally.

  5. Lifetime Value

    Although individual monthly payments might be less than if you were selling individual products the lifetime value of each customer is typically larger. If you had a customer on a subscription for 3 years their lifetime value is much higher than if they just made a one off purchase.

How can this work for coaches and fitness pros?

Easily. Coaches and fitness pros have been offering subscription based services for a while now but the trick to it is being able to scale it with automated self service products and services. At Training Tilt we've built our software specifically so fitness pros can develop their own branded online platform and utilize the subscription based business model by offering paid access to their platform.

The paid access can include the following benefits for your clients;

  • Access to template Training Plans that can be applied to calendars
  • Access to your video, article and recipe libraries
  • Branded iOS and Android apps
  • Social interaction including chat and forum
  • Social groups and events

This is how it works, with just a small amount of work with the setup and then everything is automated.

  1. Signup to Training Tilt if you aren't already
  2. Create your Training Plans, videos and resources
  3. Connect your payment gateway (Stripe or Paypal)
  4. Create your Membership Plans (Bronze, Silver, Gold etc)
  5. Create add-on products (Training and nutrition plans)
  6. Turn it on and start your marketing

Now your potential clients can signup and access all of the resources based on the membership plan they've signed up to. Recurring payments happen automatically and you can choose to offer as little or as much personalized service as you choose on different payment tiers you offer.

If you want to find out more get in touch or signup for a trial.

Do the work once but enjoy the revenue over and over again

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's easy, just click the "Get Started" or "Free Trial" button at the top of the page, choose a plan, click the sign up button and fill in the form. It's a fully automated process, as soon as you have signed up your new Training Tilt site will be ready for you.
No, there are no long term contracts for any of our plans. If for any reason you no longer wish to continue your subscription to Training Tilt you can cancel at any time.
No, we do not charge members to use your system. Training Tilt was designed to help fitness professionals manage their clients and business. You can however use the Training Tilt platform to collect recurring payments from your clients using the Membership Plan tools.
Yes at any time you can upgrade or downgrade to any of our plans. We calculate our plans on a daily basis so you only pay for what you use. You can upgrade for a day to check out the new plan and downgrade again and we'll only charge you for a days worth of use.
When you signed up you would have recieved an email with your own custom website address that you chose during the process. You need to login from this custom address. The address would have been in the format If you've forgotten your address or can't find the email, send us a message at and we will find it for you.
It sure is, with a few simple steps you can have your existing or new domain name pointing to your Training Tilt website. If you don't have a domain, that's no problem you can use one of our sub domains. e.g.
Yes you can, if you have already invested in a website you are happy with you can still use Training Tilt to build training plans and share resources with your athletes. It's a simple process to add a link from your existing website so your clients can log in to your Training Tilt site.
Yes our mobile apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and IOS devices.
Training Tilt is a cloud based application, all our servers and data are based in Microsoft data centers in secure locations. Data is backed up on a regular basis, and we have the ability to scale our systems within a matter of minutes as our demand increases. Our cloud based architecture is also the reason why we can offer our service at such a reasonable price.
For whatever reason you can choose to cancel your subscription at any time. Just login, access the billing page and click the cancel button. As long as you cancel before the next billing cycle starts your won't be charged.

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