Ice Melting Vs Progress In Your Business

I made myself an omelette earlier, but it was a bit hot to eat right away and it reminded me of a concept that I've heard of recently in a blog and also a podcast by a guy named Justin Jackson.

Justin uses an analogy of trying to grow your business in the early days compared to ice melting.

Ice melts at zero degrees Celsius or water freezes at zero degrees Celsius. Zero degrees is the key number.

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So if you think of your business could be represented by minus 15 degrees when you first start it.

Everything that you do from minus 15 when you start your business doesn't really seem to have an impact.

So if you think of ice as fast growth or revenue or profit.

You do a lot of work and you get from say minus 15 degrees and you get to minus 10 degrees and it doesn't seem to make much difference.

The ice is still frozen then you go to minus 5 degrees and that ice is still frozen and doesn't do anything.

you start thinking........ are these things that I'm doing making any difference? should I give up as it's not going to work out in the end?

But you keep going and then get minus 4 degrees...nothing. Minus 3 degrees...nothing.

It's the importance of perseverance because all of a sudden just before you are ready to give up the ice starts to melt when you hit zero degrees.

An "overnight success" is how people on the outside see it because most people only notice a business when they go from minus 1 degree to zero degrees because that's when the ice is starting to melt.

It appears "all of a sudden" but it's not, it's because of all of that work that you've done from minus 15 degrees to zero degrees that didn't seem like it was doing anything at the time.

Once you hit zero every degree change in temperature makes a much bigger difference to your business.

Every degree above zero just accelerates the growth, the ice melting, the revenue and everything else that goes along with progress.

So I'm not sure if that will help you much but this really helped my thinking about all the work that I put into my business over the last few years and that although it may not seem it at the time will be worthwhile in the end.

Thanks for watching/reading. 

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