Client Spotlight: Team Sirius Tri Club - Bek Keat and Siri Lindley

How many years of training and running IRONMAN competitions does it take to make an expert? Heck, completing even one may do it, but how about having 25 under your belt? That’s what separates Rebekah “Bek” Keat from the rest of the pack. We were lucky enough to chat with Bek about her coaching business that she runs with her partner Siri Lindley (, her other business rescuing horses (yes you read that right!), and how Training Tilt helps her achieve her goals.

Tell us about your journey to become an endurance coach?

I played a number of sports in school: tennis, basketball, swimming; you name it. I have a twin and we competed at everything. She’ll never admit this, but she is just naturally more athletic than I am, so I always ended up coming in second to her. That made me want to find a sport she wasn’t doing! So at age 16, I started doing triathlons and I made the junior team within a year of picking it up. I was always a good runner, but that made me a better swimmer.

In 2000, I did my first half IRONMAN which I won, even beating out a girl who had been to the Olympics for Triathlon and had a world Championship title. I loved working and training on my own, which might be why I didn’t do well in team sports (I’d never pass the ball to my teammates!), and just kept at it. I did it professionally for 23 years, retiring just last year.

During that time, I always loved connecting with people and helping them. I’d do it for free just because I enjoyed it, giving out training programs and advice to people I’d meet. It came easy to me after 20+ years of learning about endurance sports. When I eventually started working with Siri, who already had her training business going, I started off by taking on her overflow clients and grew my own client base over the years.

Then after a Business Mastery event led by Tony Robbins, Siri and I decided to start our own triathlon coaching business. Now we have over 200 members, and we’re #1 in the US for IRONMAN points rankings and #3 in the world after just six months of starting our club. We charge just $20 a month and provide lots of content, programs, recipes, a live chat each week, and up to 60% off our sponsors through our site. It’s a great deal!

What is your coaching philosophy?

I honestly think it’s all about mindset. My mantra is: it’s not swim-bike-run, it’s who you become. We love attracting the types of people with this mindset. I mean, our members really love the sport. They work full-time jobs, they have families, but they’re still up at 4am to train. They don’t make any money off it, yet they work their asses off! They are my heroes.

A lot of pros, the journey just comes down to wins and titles. But that’s not how I see it. It’s really about how you find your true self through the sport and find out what you are made of, as well as the people you meet along the way.

As a kid, I was really shy and overweight. I was called names. When I found triathlon, I transformed myself and finally started feeling good about who I was. I’m happier, healthier, more productive, my relationships are better; it’s not about being the best, it’s about making a difference in people’s lives and having a giving heart. More than anything else, that “giving heart” is what we look for in our clients too.

Tell us about your other passion for rescuing animals.

Siri likes to say her animals rescued her, not that she rescued them. I believe that too, growing up on a farm. We had cows, sheep, and I always had a deep love of horses. A while ago, Siri decided to rescue and adopt a horse. She trained with it for 18 months, and the respect they now have for each other is amazing. I got jealous so I adopted a horse too!

Then as we learned more, we saw videos of all this horse abuse taking place and the way they are being treated. They’re transported from here in the US to Mexico and Canada, and they’re whipped, beaten, then ultimately slaughtered for meat. Just completely inhumane. We had to do something so we started Believe Ranch and Rescue, a non-profit to provide a sanctuary for horses and dogs as well.

To date, through people’s generous donations, we’ve raised close to $100,000 and saved 31 horses in the past six months. We have four horses living on our ranch here and 27 spread around to other rescues throughout Colorado. It’s run by me, Siri, and some incredible volunteers who love horses as much as we do. It really feels like this is what I was always meant to be doing, along with coaching. Running two businesses is not easy, but this is my “why.” And I believe if you have a strong enough “why” the “how” will happen!

How does Training Tilt help your coaching?

Cam is very similar to us. He’s got an amazing work ethic, and he’s a “now” person. If someone doesn’t get back to us NOW, sorry, we don’t have time to waste. Next! Cam is just like us in that even with our time difference when we ask a question, he gets back to us within seconds! He’s on it, and it gets done right then. For us, that makes a huge difference to work with someone like that.

We were using a competitor to Cam’s platform for a while and wanted to get away from them because it wasn’t as interactive and we couldn’t share our stories. Training Tilt is much more interactive. It loads fast, it’s simple and user-friendly. Our members love the site and the mobile app Cam built for us. They can get all our articles and recipes and past live chats (which are stored and searchable) right on their phones.

Working with Cam is wonderful. He’s affordable and he always goes above and beyond for us.

Thanks Bek! For more information on her coaching, visit or her personal website And to learn more about her horse rescue, please visit!

Team Sirius Tri Club is on our White Label plan and we have implemented customized and branded mobile apps installed in the Apple and Android app stores as the "Team Sirius" app. Get in touch with us to learn more about how one of our plans might help your coaching business or tri club. You can see all the details including pricing on our website.

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