5 ways to portray the value of your coaching services

As a coach you can create immense value in your clients lives by helping them unlock their potential to achieve things they’ve not been able to achieve on their own.

Knowing your worth as a coach is not so much of a problem but being able to explain and portray this potential value to visitors to your website is what most coaches find very challenging.

Building trust and demonstrating expertise are both important steps in proving your coaching abilities, and word of mouth alone may not be enough to convince a client. Coaches often find it difficult to strike a balance between selling themselves and not coming across as pushy.

A website is essential for presenting the value of your coaching service to your client. Your website is your marketing tool to attract new clients. It needs to be well designed and informative so that potential customers can easily navigate and find what they need.

As a coach, you want to help people achieve their fitness or athletic goals. But how do you explain the value of your coaching services on your website?

This guide will give you tips on how to create a website that showcases the value of your coaching services with confidence and integrity.

List Your Services

One of the most essential things to let those visiting your website know right off the bat is the specific services you offer. This is largely dependent on you, your interests and your expertise. However, here are some general ideas of coaching services you can list out on your website to grab attention and how best to present them in a way that spikes your client's interest.

Some services you can list on your website include individualized services, one-on-one coaching or coaching for running teams, online coaching, beginner triathlon coaching, coaching on transitioning to triathlon, stamina and muscular endurance coaching, form analysis and coaching, help with injury risk-reduction, coach mentoring, and so on.

You want to tailor your content to your target audience. For example, if you are targeting beginners, you want to make all of this as beginner-friendly as possible so that those who are just starting can keep up. This means avoiding using complicated professional terms to describe things on your website and possibly giving short and straightforward explanations of what each term means or what each listed service entails.

Next, rather than simply creating a bland list for people to run through, you should add more depth to how your services are showcased. Give a more personal impression by not only stating and explaining what coaching services you offer, but also highlighting the value you add to your clients, past or present, and what qualifies you to offer those services.

Then, present your "why". That is, why do you coach? What are your goals, motivating factors and objectives? Doing this takes the focus off just what you're trying to offer and presents you as a confident and inspiring coach who is genuinely passionate about what they do. Make sure to keep this simple, specific and straight-to-the-point.

An example of a way to present this is:

"The value of my running or triathlon coaching services comes from the expertise and experience I have in the sport. I have coached runners and triathletes for many years, and have a wealth of knowledge to share with my clients. My goal is to help them achieve their personal best in the sport, and I believe that my coaching services are essential for anyone looking to improve their performance."

Describe and Demonstrate How you Help People Achieve Their Goals

People visiting your website are interested in learning the exact ways you add value to them. Every coach has a method of coaching that you might want to give insight into. Take things a step further by describing how your services which you've already listed will play a significant role in helping the people they are designed for along the path to their goals, whatever that might be.

For example, you might say:

"Most people who take up running or triathlon as a hobby or sport want to improve their fitness levels. They may come to me for coaching because they want help reaching their fitness goals faster than they could on their own. My coaching services can help people achieve these goals by teaching them how to run more efficiently, how and when to eat the right food for performance, and how to stay injury-free. My coaching also helps individuals become better athletes by developing strategies and tactics that will help them compete at the highest level."

Mapping those services back to the goals of the people shows that you not only understand the targets your clients have but also are fully knowledgeable about how to help them achieve them.

Let them know how you help your clients make the most of their limited time to train, improve their physical ability to reach higher performance levels, become more technically competent, stay accountable, stay safe, and gain confidence.

Show Off Your Results

As a coach, demonstrating your results inspires confidence and trust. There are a few ways to show them off.  To start with, you can use a section of your website to detail what coaching is and how it can help people achieve their goals. You could also provide testimonials from past clients who have found the service helpful. Other ways include providing race results and training data from your existing clients to prove how your services help people.

Here's a simple way to present your results:

"Running or triathlon coaching services can be valuable to those who want to improve their fitness and overall health. The results of clients who have worked with me can attest to that. My services are affordable, and I am committed to helping my clients reach their fitness goals."

Then have a series of testimonials from your real clients with quotes and photos. The closer the personas of the testimonials are to your current target customer the better. Start with at least three testimonials. If you already have a Training Tilt coaching website you can use the built in testimonials feature to do this.

Discuss the Quality of Your Coaching and Training Plans

One thing your clients should be able to count on is the quality of your coaching sessions and training plans. Explain the effort and expertise you invest in each session and plan, highlighting its importance both to you and your clients. Show how much difference it makes and how it is significant to their targets.

Here's a sample of how you might do this:

"The quality of my coaching sessions and plans is very important to me. I am a highly experienced coach, and I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with my clients. I make sure that each session is tailored specifically to the needs of my clients, and that all plans are well-structured and tailored to meet individual goals. I am confident in the quality of my services, and I am proud to offer them at an affordable price"

Offer a Free Consultation or a Free Training Plan Download

Building trust with potential clients is essential to any business, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Freebies are a great way to build trust and awareness from potential clients, and they can also be used to show your appreciation for their business.

After demonstrating how your running or triathlon coaching services can offer athletes a variety of benefits, including improved fitness levels, enhanced morale, and better performance, it's great to show how much you're willing to give to be of value to your clients. You can do this by offering a free consultation, which is an excellent way to attract potential clients and introduce them to the many benefits of hiring a coach. Coaches also offer free training plans that can help athletes achieve their goals.


Establishing trust and demonstrating expertise on your website is a great way to convert visitors in to clients.  And, offering some things for free as “Lead Generation” is an excellent way for new customers to take the first steps to becoming clients. By implementing some of these tactics, you'll be well on your way to attracting new clients and growing your business.

If you already have a Training Tilt coaching website you have all of the tools you need to create a compelling website. If you are looking to refresh your website or are a new coaching getting started, give Training Tilt a try today. It’s the only all in one, endurance coaching platform that includes a fully customizable website builder.

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